General Liability Insurance For The Construction Trade


constructEvery business comes with risks, but owning a contracting or construction business can open you up to a number of diverse risks. There are different risks for those of you who own a storefront that potential clients visit, and those of you who go into businesses and homes to build, remodel, or install home improvement products, such as remodeling a kitchen or bathroom, or adding an extra room. The risks may be different but it is important for those of you in the construction trade to carry general liability insurance for your peace of mind.  

What does it Cover?

General liability insurance for construction and contracting businesses can cover the following:

Property Damage: It is important that contractors who work in remodeling be aware that property damage liability coverage generally does not cover damage you or your workers may have caused to the client’s property you are working on. The coverage can benefit those with a storefront business by covering the costs of a lawsuit if someone claims that your business damaged their property.

Bodily Injury: It is important to know that employee injuries are not covered under bodily injury. It covers third party injury and illness expenses if someone is hurt on your business premises. It can cover medical expenses, funeral expenses, and court-awarded compensation if the injury results in death.

Medical Expenses: Covers third-party medical expenses if someone should be injured on your business premises.

Personal and Advertising: Protects your business in the event that another business or individual claims you infringed upon their advertising copyright.

Completed Products: If a customer brought a claim against your product or service i.e., a kitchen cabinet you installed fell and injured the homeowner, proper coverage will protect against damages and legal expenses.


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