General Liability For Electricians


As a professional electrician you shoulder a lot of responsibility. Electricity is a risky business and you work for a myriad of clients such as businesses, contractors, construction companies, schools, and perhaps the government. Today’s job may be right in your hometown or the next town over. You need to stay on schedule while meeting your customer’s needs. Let’s face it, one wrong move and you could have an accident that costs you dearly. Protect yourself with general liability insurance coverage.

What is it?

General liability coverage protects against accidents or damage to your customers and/or their property. It can cover anything that is not listed on your policy as being specifically excluded. If your company grows by adding new locations, products, or services, it can grow with your company.

What it Covers

General liability insurance provides a broad level of coverage. It includes the following:

Products Liability: Regardless of whether or not your company manufactured the product, if you sell a product to a customer and that customer suffers harm or property damage due to that product they can sue you. If the said product is found to be defective or to be the cause of property damages or bodily injury you may end up defending yourself against legal action. This type of coverage will defray the costs of a lawsuit, and help pay settlements associated with property damages and/or bodily injury.

Premises Liability: This type of coverage protects your customers when they are on your business premises, or you are on their premises and they incur injury in your work area. This coverage will help pay for the customer’s medical bills and it will help pay for property damages that may happen at your business residence.

Completed Operations: This coverage includes bodily harm or property damage claims related to your completed services, and will help pay for repair bills, your client’s medical bills, and your legal defense.


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