Frequently Asked Questions about Insurance

QuestionMarkJeff Van Matre Insurance Agency has a great track record for providing countless clients with all of their insurance needs. Located between Fort Worth and Dallas in the city of Carrollton, Texas, the Jeff Van Matre Insurance Agency customizes insurance policies to fit your personal needs and desires. Our agents will take the time to get to know you, your business, or any important elements of your particular situation to provide you with comprehensive coverage at a fair market value. Do you have questions about our Carrollton insurance agency? We have answers.

Insurance FAQs

Q1. What is Jeff Van Matre’s history?

A1. Jeff Van Matre has years of experience in the insurance field working with a variety of different aspects in the industry. Jeff began his insurance career at the tender age of 16 when he worked for his father’s insurance agency in sunny California. Upon moving to the Lone Star state, Jeff continued to develop his insurance agency resume. Eventually, Jeff worked his way up to a sales agent.

Q2. What qualifies Jeff Van Matre to provide me with insurance?

A2. A few years ago, Jeff became a certified insurance counselor (CIC). This title is a result of a strong and devoted work ethic and attitude toward the insurance industry. Becoming a CIC is not something everyone does, and Jeff is proud of the dedication and diligence which were required for this achievement.

Q3. How do you become a CIC?

A3. Among the CIC requirements are 100 hours of class work, five arduous exams, and annual updates (i.e. continuing education). Jeff is dedicated to improving his knowledge of the insurance field to provide a depth of knowledge to his trusting clients. He also enjoys teaching the agents under his employ so they can emulate these ethics. Whether you are looking for homeowner’s insurance, auto insurance, or a business owner policy, our agents will review your needs and craft a customized policy for you.

Contact Your Carrollton Insurance Agency

The Jeff Van Matre Insurance Agency offers customized policies for your personal and business needs. Visit us online or call 972-492-8500 today discuss a policy or receive a quote. Located in Carrollton, Texas, we proudly serve individuals and businesses in Carrollton, Lewisville, Dallas, Irving, Plano, and surrounding communities.