Don’t Learn The Hard Way


Are you aware of what your homeowner’s insurance policy covers? Most people think they are, and they may be, but are they aware of what it does not cover? There are several things you may assume are covered under your homeowner’s insurance policy, but are they? Be aware of your exact coverage. Does your policy cover the contents of your house, flooding, earthquakes, mudslides, mold? If it happens and you’re not covered it’s too late. Don’t learn the hard way.

What May Not Be Covered

Mold: There are at least 1,000 species of mold common to the United States, and we are not talking about the mold on your bread or cheese. Mold is often found in damp areas of the house such as your basement or bathroom, but it can be found wherever there is a leak. Mold is a health risk. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention it can cause symptoms similar to allergies or even other breathing difficulties. Standard homeowner’s insurance policies usually do not include mold coverage or, if included, the coverage is limited.

Sewage Damage: Out-of-date sewage lines have become a real concern in the U.S. A sewage backup can be caused by lines that cannot handle storm water or lines that have been compromised by cracks, tree roots, or other damage. Extensive destruction can be caused if the sewer backs up into your home. Walls, furniture, electrical systems, carpets, and floors can all need replacing, and the house more than likely will be uninhabitable. Standard homeowners insurance does not cover sewage damage.

Sinkholes: Sinkholes are large cavities that form underground due to the dissolution of the rock. When this happens there is nothing to support the layer of earth your house is built on and it can be sucked underground when the layer collapses. While sinkholes are familiar to the states of Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Missouri, Texas, Tennessee, Alabama, and Florida, Florida is the only state the requires “catastrophic ground cover collapse” as part of the standard homeowners policy.

No Reason to Fear

Although it may sound scary, and insurance can be confusing, there is no need to learn the hard way. These coverage items can be added to your policy by endorsement. Jeff, and his staff at the Jeff Van Matre Insurance Agency, can help.


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