Don’t Learn The Hard Way: Installment #2


There are several things you may assume are covered under your homeowner’s insurance policy, but when you find out they aren’t it is an alarming surprise. Not only can it cause you and your family an enormous inconvenience, it can ruin your finances. Are you aware of what is covered under your homeowner’s insurance policy and what is not? Now is the time to figure it out, not when it is too late. Find out what is not covered in Don’t Learn The Hard Way: Installment #2.

More of What May Not be Covered

Termites: According to the National Pest Management Association, $5 billion worth of damage is done by termites in the U.S. annually. Dead plants, paper, and wood are food sources for termites and let’s face it, your house is made of wood. The average homeowner’s insurance policy does not cover termite damage.

Terrorism: Most people probably don’t think of terrorists acts affecting their private residences, but 9-11 and the more recent Boston Marathon bombings, are proof that terrorist acts can happen when and where you least expect them. Although homeowner’s policies do cover for fire, smoke, and damages from explosions, other types of terrorist acts such as those utilizing chemical, biological, nuclear, or radioactive weapons are acts of war and not insurable. If you are concerned about a terrorist act affecting your home, find out your options by mentioning it to your insurance agent. 

Nuclear Accidents: Nuclear plants are sprinkled throughout the United States, and according to FEMA (the Federal Emergency Management Agency), an estimated 3 million Americans live within 10 miles of an active nuclear power plant. Although the average homeowner’s insurance does not cover damage due to nuclear reactors, there is a federal law promising compensation if such an accident should happen. It is called the Price-Anderson Act and will cover: sickness, property damage and loss, bodily injury, and death

Want to be Covered?

If the above scenarios cause trepidation, consult Jeff, and his staff at the Jeff Van Matre Insurance Agency. They will provide you with honest, helpful advice.


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