Do You Need Contractors Insurance?


As a contractor you have more freedom to schedule projects and work hours convenient to you.  But with any sort of work comes risk. Therefore, regardless of whether you contract part-time or it is a full-time business, whenever you are on a job you should be covered. As a contractor you may cause damage to someone as you’re working, or damage to the house you’re working on. Most all contractors should be covered against liability. Do you need contractors insurance? The answer is yes.

Insure Yourself Against

Injury: Injuries can happen when you least expect them. As a contractor you have a lot of responsibility tending to a job in someone’s house or business. What if you were working up on a ladder or scaffolding and you dropped a tool and hit someone walking by? Liability insurance will help pay for the medical bills of the person who was injured and if the person decides to sue you, the insurance can help pay for legal costs and damages.

Structural Damage: Because contractors go into people’s homes or businesses to work on construction projects, structural damage is an area typically covered by contractor’s insurance. It is very easy, especially if working in close quarters, to damage just about anything that ends up being in the way, whether you bump the wall with a ladder, knock down a chandelier, or whack something accidentally with a hammer. If something like that were to happen, contractor’s insurance will typically pay to replace or repair the piece of property that was damaged.

Other: A contractor’s liability policy can also help pay for damages inadvertently caused by the contractor. For example, while remodeling a bathroom the contractor accidentally loosened a water pipe causing a small water leak that eventually damaged the wall and floor. While it was the water that caused the damage, it resulted from something the contractor did or didn’t do so he or she is held responsible. In such a case the policy will help pay to repair the damage to the house.


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