Do You Need Contractors Insurance?


womantypingIf you are an independent contractor you might be wondering what kind of insurance you need or if you need insurance at all. If you are out in the field providing home maintenance or construction work, that seems a no-brainer. Yes, you will want and need insurance. But what if you are simply sitting at home at your desk providing writing and copyediting services? What if you’re sitting at a desk in an office providing data entry or digital marketing services? Do you really need contractors insurance?

Who Needs It?

If you’re an independent contractor you may need contractor’s liability insurance or other insurance coverage to protect your specific financial risks. If your profession includes any of the independent contracting services below you should have insurance:

  • Freelance writing, editing, or graphic design
  • House cleaning or carpet cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Any type of home repair or maintenance
  • Plumbing, carpentry, electrical, painting
  • Horse training
  • Dog training
  • Hair styling or working as a salon professional

There are many things to consider as an independent contractor for instance do you need:

  • A business owners policy
  • Professional liability coverage
  • Workers compensation

Coverage You Should Consider

Errors and omissions: If you are the type of contractor who provides consulting and/or advice, such as an interior designer, landscape architect, accountant, or financial planner (just to name a few), you should be covered should a client experience losses as a result of your recommendations.

Bodily injury and property damage: If you are a contractor who uses tools and/or heavy machinery in your trade to provide home remodels, or to perform electrical work, plumbing, etc., you need to be covered. Power tools, heavy machinery, compressed gas, and other trade tools can be hazardous and can cause mishaps or injury.

Product and liquor liabilities: Independent contractors providing food services should be covered in case a customer is injured or becomes ill due to the food or alcohol served.

Medical and disability: As an independent contractor, you need to consider personal coverage in the event that personal illness or injury results in a loss of income.


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