Do You Just Need Liability Coverage?


Nothing is better than new car! After leaving the lot we often find ourselves looking for excuses to drive. A major part of selecting a new car is choosing the right kind of coverage. The state of Texas requires that all drivers carry liability insurance. Is that enough? Should you carry a more substantial policy? Are you wondering if you also need collision or comprehensive coverage?

Liability Coverage

Liability policies cover the costs of injury or car repair for the other party following an auto accident that is your fault. You may be expected to cover your own repair and medical costs yourself. The state only requires this level of insurance, so unfortunately many drivers only carry this. The result is often severe financial pressure following an accident. For this reason we often urge drivers to carry more substantial coverage on their vehicles.

Comprehensive, Collision, and More

You can add more coverage to your policy, including medical and collision. You can also consider a comprehensive policy, which covers a number of situations besides collision, such as theft, hail, tornado, fire, and even flood. We typically recommend collision and comprehensive for newer vehicles. Carrying more substantial auto insurance protects you in a greater number of possibly scenarios. In addition, you can also add towing and rental care reimbursement to your policy.

Do You Need Commercial?

The above policies are for personal auto use. However, what if you use your car as part of your business? Then you may not be adequately covered with a personal policy. We recommend people who use their vehicle as part of their business, or if the vehicle in question is often driven by employees, to carry commercial auto insurance.

Which One Works Best for Me?

That depends on your needs and your budget. We recommend giving our office a call so one of our agents can speak with you and help you obtain the policy that works best for you and your budget. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact your Carrollton, TX insurance agency today.


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