Do Independent Web Developers Need Insurance?

web developers insurance

Even as an independent web developer working from a small office or your own home, rather than with a bigger company, your assets, products, services, and self still require protection against unfortunate, business-related situations. However, the risks that you may face are unique compared to most other business niches. For the utmost protection and peace of mind, Dallas insurance agent, Jeff Van Matre, will utilize his years of experience to help develop a customized web developer’s insurance plan that’s tailored to your specific professional needs and preferences.

Why You Still Need Protection

Running and operating your business takes a lot of work, regardless of its size. Though you might not automatically worry about accidents and injuries that are common in other fields, there is still a risk of injury when you visit a client, or when a client visits you. If a client is unhappy with services you’ve rendered or a product you’ve provided, then you may need to protect your assets with an appropriate liability insurance plan. If your office/house is burglarized, damaged, or destroyed, then the equipment, data, and resources that your business depends on could be lost forever without a proper insurance plan.

Tailored Insurance for Web Developers

Like most businesses, general liability and professional liability are cornerstones of an effective web developer’s insurance plan. Yet, given the unique nature of your business, you’ll also require coverage specifically designed for web developers. For instance, aside from your physical location and assets, you’ll need protection in the event that your data files are severely corrupted or lost. Copyright infringement protection, another common need for web developers, is also vital to protecting your intellectual property from theft. To learn more about which business insurance policies would best serve you as an independent web developer, speak with Jeff Van Matre today to get a free quote.


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