Do Computer Programmers and IT Consultants Need Insurance?

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Many computer programmers and IT consultants are unsure if they need insurance. In this extremely litigious society, insurance is a requirement in a field as complex and as security-driven as computer programming. Only an experienced insurance professional who serves computer professionals like Jeff Van Matre of the Van Matre Insurance Agency of Carrollton, Texas, can help you determine the proper amount and type of coverage you need.

Types of insurance:

Most IT professionals and computer programmers will need three types of insurance:

An IT professional and computer programmer will need general liability coverage which will cover the person in the event of a lawsuit. Lawsuits do not have to be winnable to be filed. But one thing is for sure – they are always expensive. Who is going to pay the attorney’s fees, and the deposition costs, and the settlement or jury award? Without insurance, you will. With insurance, you will only pay the deductible and the insurance company will be responsible up to the face amount of the policy.

  • Property coverage.

Likely if you have been in business for a while, you have equipment which should be insured. You may have servers, computers, laptops, and pieces of equipment that you cannot afford to lose or to replace overnight. Insurance will handle the problem if the need arises.

  • Errors and Omissions coverage:


In a fast changing environment such as computer programming and the IT world, Errors and Omissions (E & O) insurance is extremely important to have. You may have misadvised a client. Data may have been stolen from a customer due to a security breach stemming from some work you were involved in. You may have even forgotten to add a necessary software component to some task. These types of issues will be covered by insurance if they occur.

Discussing these issues with an experienced insurance agent like Jeff Van Matre will be a great investment in your future.

About Jeff Van Matre Insurance Agency:

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