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Customer ServiceThe Buck Stops Here

How does a business owner choose a business name? It was easy for Jeff Van Matre — he wanted the name of his business to encourage excellent customer service. He named his business the Jeff Van Matre Insurance Agency because he wanted to be completely transparent to customers and to proclaim, “The buck stops here.” That’s just one benefit of working with independent insurance agency JVM Insurance — customers always know who they’re dealing with, who’s ultimately responsible, and who they can contact if they have a question, a problem, or a request.

You’ll Find No Red Tape Here

We’ve all heard of those large corporate insurance giants. Usually, when a customer deals with a “huge corporation” of any kind, customer service suffers. There are channels to go through, hierarchies to follow, and, often, many buttons on the phone to push before a customer can even reach a live person to talk to. And, very often, these large corporations have outsourced their customer service to foreign call centers who don’t understand the needs of Texas insurance holders.

Customers of JVM Insurance don’t have to deal with any of that nonsense. Every member of our team knows that without our customers, we would not be in business. Our desire to deliver the highest level of customer service goes hand-in-hand with our desire to deliver comprehensive personal and business insurance plans at the lowest possible cost.

Great customer service is a tenet of our business. You have a right to expect that, and that’s what you’ll get at the JVM Insurance. If ever you feel that we have not lived up to this promise, Jeff Van Matre wants to know. Remember, the buck stops there.

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Whether you or your business needs new insurance coverage, more insurance coverage, or different insurance coverage, contact Jeff Van Matre Insurance Agency today for a personalized quote. We’ll evaluate your unique situation and devise a comprehensive plan that makes sense for you. Don’t delay, call us today at 972-492-8500 or e-mail .

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