Common Questions About Commercial Auto Insurance

commercial auto insurance questions

You might not question your company’s need for business insurance, but depending on the nature of your business, you might not fully understand the need for commercial auto insurance. Unless your business is transportation, or relies heavily on transportation, you might consider auto insurance an unnecessary expense. Unfortunately, such a mistake could prove more costly than you realize. To help you understand its importance, we answer a few common questions about commercial auto insurance, and how your business could rely on it even if you don’t realize it.

Does every business need commercial auto insurance?

The need for auto insurance doesn’t stem from how often your company uses vehicles, but whether or not your company owns and uses any vehicles at all. By their very nature, accidents are not foreseeable except in foresight. If your company owns a vehicle, and anyone uses it, then it is at risk of an accident and should be protected.

What does the policy protect against?

Like a personal auto insurance policy, a commercial one is designed to protect your company’s assets in the event that you or an employee is involved in an accident. By covering the costs and expenses that your company may otherwise be liable for, your policy will not only protect your company’s vehicle(s), but your company’s livelihood in the event of an accident.

If I use the company’s vehicle for personal uses, is it still covered?

The line between personal and business vehicle use can be a blurry one. If you use your commercial vehicle for personal uses, or if you use your personal vehicle for commercial purposes, be sure to mention it during your consultation. Depending on a number of specific factors, we can help you decide if you should add your personal vehicle under your commercial auto insurance policy, and if you are covered when using your company’s vehicles for personal errands.


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