Commercial Or Personal Auto Insurance?


Most of us live in areas that require cars to get from point A to B. Without them we couldn’t arrive at work on time, go on trips, or even pick up groceries. Cars are expensive and often crucial in our day-to-day lives. You should protect your investment with a quality insurance policy. Will you need commercial or personal auto coverage? What’s the difference?

Why Do I Need Coverage?

First, the state of Texas requires that people carry minimum liability coverage. However, this really only covers the other party should you be at fault in an accident. As far as your vehicle and your medical bills, you could be on your own. Whether you require commercial or personal, carrying coverage can protect you should your car become damaged or you suffer injuries that require medical attention. You can talk to you insurance agent if you have any questions or concerns.

Commercial Policies

Commercial policies cover vehicles that are used as part of your business. Maybe you have a truck or van that you or n employee drives from location to location. You may also have a car that your employees use. These are situations here you need commercial coverage. This can provide coverage for your vehicle, medical bills for your drive and/or passenger, and liability coverage for the other party, should they require medical care or repair for their vehicles. You can also obtain protection should you be faced with a lawsuit following an accident, so you don’t risk the financial standing of your business.

Personal Auto Coverage

If you own your own vehicle and it is not related to a business you own, then you need personal auto coverage. A personal policy provides necessary protection should you be involved in an accident or you car becomes stolen or damaged in a natural disaster.


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