Commercial Auto Insurance with Your Carrollton, TX Insurance Agency

commercial vehicle (jvm)Your personal automobile is a vital part of your everyday life. Likewise, if your business owns and operates one or more vehicles, then those automobiles are also essential to the life of your company. In Texas, state law mandates that you possess at least liability car insurance to drive your personal vehicle. However, depending on the size of your company, how you utilize the vehicles, and a number of other factors, picking the right amount of coverage at a reasonable price can help protect your business from disaster. Your Carrollton, TX insurance agency explains why business owners need commercial auto insurance, no matter the size of your company.

What is Commercial Auto Insurance?

Like personal auto insurance, there are different levels of coverage for your commercial vehicle. For instance, some plans will cover damage caused by your company car to another vehicle and/or driver, while others cover damage to your vehicle and/or driver. Choosing the right plan entails a number of considerations, which we’re specially trained to help you understand before choosing.  At your Carrollton, TX insurance agency, we’ll custom-design a commercial auto insurance plan that offers you the maximum coverage for your company’s vehicles and drivers while minimizing your costs.

Even More Important for Smaller Businesses

If your business is small and only uses one or two cars, you may not think insurance is a pressing matter, especially if you know and trust the employees responsible for using your company’s vehicles. Nevertheless, accidents happen even to the people we trust the most, and if all or half of your company’s vehicles are involved in an incident without being insured, the resulting damage can ruin your business. Since transportation is also a vital portion of many major companies, the same can be said of their fleet, as well.

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