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What Does Your Commercial Property Policy Cover?


If it seems as if there are numerous types of insurance and insurance policies, it is because there are. As anyone who has tried to read any type of insurance policy has probably realized (unless insurance is your field), insurance policies are complicated. As a non-business owner, most people still need home/renters insurance, car insurance,… Read more »

Speaking Of Liability…


There are different types of liability insurance. In our last blog we discussed auto liability. There is also general liability and professional liability, but what is the difference? The easiest way to remember is by remembering that general liability is just that–general. Professional liability is also called Errors and Omissions Insurance or Malpractice Insurance. So… Read more »

How Much Coverage Does Your Business Need?

van matre business

Have you recently started your own company? If so, amidst all the decisions and steps needed to open your doors you may have overlooked insurance. As a business, you need coverage for a number of different scenarios. Otherwise, what you currently carry may not extend should certain disasters arise. How much coverage does your business… Read more »

Do You Need Liability And E&O Insurance?


Sometimes, accidents happen. However, they are not always minor events and may lead to someone being hurt. As a business owner, this is why you carry general liability insurance. But what about errors and omission coverage? Do you need general liability and errors/omission, or is one enough for your company?