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How Do You Know If You Need Commercial Vehicle Insurance?

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Most people don’t have to worry about commercial auto insurance if they use their vehicles to drive back and forth to work; take their kids to school, sports practice, to a friends; go shopping for clothes or groceries; and other run-of-the-mill-type travel. Therefore, they don’t require the same kind of coverage as people who use… Read more »

Do You Just Need Liability Coverage?


Nothing is better than new car! After leaving the lot we often find ourselves looking for excuses to drive. A major part of selecting a new car is choosing the right kind of coverage. The state of Texas requires that all drivers carry liability insurance. Is that enough? Should you carry a more substantial policy?… Read more »

What’s In A Commercial Auto Policy?


Do you own your own business? Does your business require the use of a vehicle, such as for transporting products or helping employees meet with potential clients? If so, then a business insurance policy isn’t enough. You may also benefit from a commercial auto policy. What’s in a commercial auto policy? How do you obtain… Read more »

Do You Need Home And Auto Coverage?


This week millions of families across the country will sit down together and celebrate Thanksgiving. We take this time to remind ourselves about everything we should be grateful for, including friends, family, and the roof over our heads. To make sure there is always a roof over your head, even in event of a disaster,… Read more »