Carrollton TX Insurance Agency Answers FAQs About Umbrella Insurance


When people purchase insurance for their home or car, they do so to gain piece of mind. When the unthinkable happens, insurance protects us from the devastating financial costs often associated with a disaster or car accident. However, there are often gray areas that only arise during freak accidents. For example, a car wreck or home-based accident that causes injuries or fatalities. In these cases, your Carrollton TX insurance agency may recommend an umbrella insurance policy. In today’s blog, we answer commonly asked questions regarding our umbrella policies.

Frequently Asked Questions About Umbrella Insurance

Question: Why are the benefits of umbrella insurance?

Answer: Umbrella insurance provides coverage for people who have been sued or involved in an accident with costs that exceed their primary policy limits. With umbrella insurance, people can obtain one million or more additional dollars of coverage for an existing car or home policy.

Question: What coverage does an umbrella policy cover that primary policies may exclude?

Answer: An additional benefit of umbrella policies is that they can provide coverage for issues typically excluded, such as: Invasion of privacy, accidents at your business or home, slander, libel, and even false arrest.

Question: How do I know if I need umbrella insurance?

Answer: Umbrella insurance is designed to cover the unexpected, accidents that the odds are won’t happen to you, but very well could. With that in mind, in most cases umbrella insurance is recommended for people with assets, including businesses, cars, family, and a home.

Question: Does Jeff Van Matre Insurance agency provide umbrella policies?

Answer: Yes. For more information or to receive a personalized quote, contact a representative today.

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