Carrollton TX Insurance Agency Offers Coverage for Your Home and Car


Most people will make at least two major investments in their lives: home and car. Your home provides a literal roof over your head, a place of high financial and sentimental value. Your car gets you from point a to point b, without a car, holding a job or attending school would be next to impossible. At Jeff Van Matre Insurance Agency, we want to help you protect your home and car with quality insurance coverage. In today’s blog, your Carrollton TX Insurance Agency uses a quiz to discuss options for our home and auto policies.

Home and Car Insurance Quiz

1. True or False: Home insurance should cover the building and the contents inside.

2. True or False: Texas requires car owners to carry liability auto insurance.

3. True or False: Umbrella insurance provides further assistance if you exceed your liability coverage.

4. True or False: Floater insurance protects specific high-value items in your home.

Answer Key

1. True. Our representatives will help create a policy that fits your lifestyle and your budget. In addition to protecting the building, we offer optional coverage for items in your home, liability in case someone is hurt in your home, and even living expenses should you lose your home to a natural disaster.

2. True. Liability only covers injuries or damages if the accident is your fault. We can bolster protection with collision, medical, rental reimbursement, and towing costs.

3. True. If you exceed the limits of your liability coverage or find yourself faced with unexpected liability issues, an umbrella policy can provide much needed coverage.

4. True. Do you own collectible items of high-value, such as antiques or a rare coin collection? With floater insurance, you can receive coverage for these items in case of loss or theft.

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Do you have any more questions regarding our homeowners or auto insurance policies? If so, talk to your Carrollton TX insurance agency today. The Jeff Van Matre Insurance Agency offers customized insurance policies that feature a variety of personal and business coverage options. Visit Jeff Van Matre online or call 972-492-8500 today discuss a policy or receive a quote. Located in Carrollton TX, we proudly serve individuals and businesses in Carrollton, Lewisville, Dallas, Irving, Plano, and surrounding communities.