Carrollton TX Insurance Agency Discusses Car Insurance


A car is a major investment. Without a working vehicle, going to work and maintaining a social life becomes nearly impossible. In order to protect your investment, you should always carry a car insurance policy. In today’s blog, your Carrollton TX insurance agency explains the importance of obtaining a policy for your vehicle.

Required Coverage

Drivers in the state of Texas are required to carry car insurance. At minimum, you need to purchase auto liability insurance. A liability policy provides coverage in the event of an accident at which you are at fault. At Jeff Van Matre, our representatives can help you set up auto liability insurance. In fact, we can even provide additional coverage.

Additional Options for Your Policy

Liability policy won’t cover the damage to your vehicle. When an accident happens, you could be without a vehicle or struggling to cover the costs of expensive repairs. This kind of financial burden can lead to serious repercussions. Fortunately, our team can help draft a comprehensive auto insurance policy. We can include medical coverage in case the driver or the passengers are injured. Collision coverage provides protection when your car is damaged in an accident. For other damaging situations, such as theft, fire, tornado, hail, and flood damage, we offer comprehensive auto coverage. If a collision leaves your car unable to operate, you may be glad you elected for our towing and rental reimbursement coverage. To create your customized policy, contact Jeff Van Matre today. Our representatives will help choose the coverage that is right for your budget, protecting you and your vehicle out on the road.

Get a Quote from Your Carrollton TX Insurance Agency

Do you need a car insurance policy? Then talk to your Carrollton TX insurance agency today. The Jeff Van Matre Insurance Agency offers customized insurance policies that feature a variety of coverage options ranging from liability car insurance to homeowner’s insurance policies. Visit Jeff Van Matre online or call 972-492-8500 today discuss a policy or receive a quote. Located in Carrollton TX, we proudly serve individuals and businesses in Carrollton, Lewisville, Dallas, Irving, Plano, and surrounding communities.