Can I Really Insure My Coin Collection?


The purpose of insurance is to protect your investments. A policy covers you in the event of an accident or disasters, depending the type of policy you carry. If you’ve ever wondered if you can really insure a coin collection, you may be surprised. Floater insurance offers a way for people to cover items of high value. You can protect not only your house and car, but also belongings that carry a special significance to you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Floater Insurance

Question: What if I already carry homeowner insurance?

Answer: As a homeowner you most likely already have a policy in place. In addition to covering the physical structure, the policy may also include coverage for the contents inside. However, if you have a collection or an item of significant value and want to ensure you are reimbursed for the full value, you may consider carrying a separate policy.

Question: What sort of items can I cover?

Answer: People have obtained policy to cover jewelry, historical artifacts, as well as coin, comic, and vinyl record collections. Whether you have rare books or memorabilia from a film series, a policy can be crafted to safeguard the value of these items.

Question: How much would a deductible be?

Answer: In many cases the deductible is very low, $0 in some situations. The exact amount will depend on a number of different factors. Fortunately, we have agent on hand that can help you craft the policy that suits your needs.

Question: Does this also cover them if they are stolen?

Answer: The policy can cover the items in a number of different scenarios, such as theft, disappearance, loss, or damage. If you have any questions about our floater insurance or if you would like to talk to an agent, then please contact our Carrollton, TX insurance agency today.


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