Worker’s Compensation Insurance

Workers Compensation InsuranceProtect Your Employees

Whether your business’ employees routinely go out into the field to size up oil and gas wells or spend most of their days in a cubicle in front of a computer, they still face risks each and every day at work. Being injured on the job is more common than most people realize. That’s why business insurance is so important.

From slips and falls, to injuries resulting from heavy lifting, to accidental cuts and burns caused by routine office equipment, on-the-job injuries happen to workers every day. Most employed people spend a large portion of each week at work, and the risks of a workplace incident naturally increase in relation to how much time one spends on the job.

In Texas, worker’s compensation is an optional coverage. However, the state still expects employers to provide compensation in the case of injury or death on the job. To help cover this potentially massive gap in employer protection, worker’s compensation insurance is an important one for business owners to carry. Most worker’s compensation insurance policies provide the following benefits:

  • Protection in case of a lawsuit filed by the employee or the employee’s family,
  • Covering loss of future earnings due to injury or illness,
  • Paying for medical treatment for a workplace injury or illness,

Worker’s compensation insurance provides coverage only for injuries or illnesses that can be directly attributed to the workplace.

Sorting out the intricacies of a worker’s compensation policy can be confusing. JVM Insurance will explain your coverage options and work with you to develop a comprehensive policy that will protect your business, your employees, and your bottom line.

Protect Yourself, Your Business, and Your Assets

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