Non-Profit/Not-for-Profit Insurance & Services

Non-Profit/Not-for-Profit Insurance & ServicesHelping Those Who Help Others

We at Jeff Van Matre Insurance hold non-profit organizations in high esteem. It takes special people to dedicate their careers to altruistic pursuits such as serving others, working to further a cause they believe in, or improving the community. We assure you that if you trust us with your insurance needs, we’ll do our best to get you the best insurance coverage at the most competitive prices. We realize that every dollar counts for many non-profit businesses that are charged with doing amazing things with limited budgets, payrolls, and staff.

How Many Policies Do You Need?

Often, we’re able to keep costs down by combining multiple coverages into one comprehensive policy that will protect your non-profit organizations in the event of risks including:

The risks listed above can financially devastate for-profit companies, and they can completely destroy non-profits with fewer resources. Having good insurance coverage in place can protect your organization from risk, and allow it to weather unexpected storms.

We at JVM Insurance salute you for what you do, and we are committed to helping safeguard your assets and protect your interests. Insurance is what we know, and our friendly agents will explain all of your options so together we can make an informed decision about what type of insurance you need. We’ll also make sure to keep a keen eye on the bottom line, so you pay only what you need to and not a penny more.

Protect Yourself, Your Business, and Your Assets

Whether you or your business needs new insurance coverage, more insurance coverage, or different insurance coverage, contact Jeff Van Matre Insurance Agency today for a personalized quote. We’ll evaluate your unique situation and devise a comprehensive plan that makes sense for you. Don’t delay, call us today at 972-492-8500 or e-mail .

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