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Hurt On The Job? Things Happen


Although the risk of having an accident or contracting an illness varies depending on the type of job, no job is without its risks. Of course, electricians, construction workers, or high-rise window washers are at more of a risk for accidents, it really doesn’t matter whether you are a school teacher or a writer–things happen…. Read more »

What Does Your Commercial Property Policy Cover?


If it seems as if there are numerous types of insurance and insurance policies, it is because there are. As anyone who has tried to read any type of insurance policy has probably realized (unless insurance is your field), insurance policies are complicated. As a non-business owner, most people still need home/renters insurance, car insurance,… Read more »

How Do You Know If You Need Commercial Vehicle Insurance?

commerical auto

Most people don’t have to worry about commercial auto insurance if they use their vehicles to drive back and forth to work; take their kids to school, sports practice, to a friends; go shopping for clothes or groceries; and other run-of-the-mill-type travel. Therefore, they don’t require the same kind of coverage as people who use… Read more »

General Liability Insurance: A Quiz


There are over 100 million business lawsuit cases filed annually in U.S. courts, so if you are running a small business, your chances of being sued are very real. Although it depends on what type of business you run and what kind of exposure you have, make sure you are protected. General liability insurance is… Read more »