Are You A Commercial Painting Contractor?


Painting seems like a rather safe profession compared say to an electrician, or a commercial window washer of high-rises in downtown Dallas, right? Not so much. Painting can be dangerous too, and regardless of your profession, you can always be sued. Make sure you are carrying insurance, and make sure you are carrying the right insurance. If you are a commercial painting contractor, what type of insurance do you need?

What Can Go Wrong Usually Will

Painters can be sued just like electricians or other independent contractors. Some reasons a painter may be sued include:

  • Negligence on the job
  • If their vehicle caused damage to a clients property
  • Paint spills: can cause damage to the client if they slip on it, or to their assets by damaging the floor or carpet.

Other reasons to carry insurance include:

  • Your tools of the trade are damaged or stolen
  • An employee falls off a ladder and sustains injury

What Insurance to Carry

If you’re a painter and you are being sued, you need proper insurance coverage to protect your assets. The proper insurance coverage will help pay for work-related losses including legal fees and medical bills.

General Liability: Protects painting contractors from property damage claims, bodily injury claims, medical costs, claims of false advertising, and slander.

Business Insurance: Various coverage’s can be combined under a business owner’s insurance policy including loss of income, tangible personal property, commercial real estate, general liability, and electronic data recovery. These coverage’s protect lost income, expenses due to loss of income, and equipment replacement.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance: Adds protection in case your commercial vehicle is involved in an accident. 

Workers’ Comp: Protects you if a worker gets injured on the job or sues you. It will help pay the worker’s medical bills, reimburse him for pain and suffering, and retrain him for a new career if necessary.  Not required in Texas.


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