A Business Owner’s Policy That Fits Your Needs

smiling business womanAs the head of your business, you are an expert in what your business does and stands for. You can appreciate, then, the value of having an expert guide you through unfamiliar territory, which is exactly what the agents at Jeff Van Matre Insurance Agency will do for you. Just as you would not expect a customer to be an expert in the ins and outs of your business dealings, our agents do not expect or want you to travel into the sometimes murky waters of insurance policies on your own. Instead, they want to guide you with their expertise, explain your coverage options to you clearly, and put their knowledge to work for you. So if you are in need of a business owner’s policy, a policy that typically bundles several important coverages, call your Carrollton TX insurance agency today.

Getting to Know Your Business

Crafting the right business owner’s policy requires a thorough knowledge of your business’s operations and the potential liabilities that those operations may create. For this reason, one of our agents will work directly with you, learning more about your business and sharing his or her professional advice as to the kinds of coverage and the amount of coverage that will best meet your needs while remaining in your budget. A typical business owner’s policy can include several coverages including property insurance, crime insurance, commercial vehicle insurance, and liability insurance among others. However, your needs will ultimately depend upon how your business operates. Jeff Van Matre Insurance Agency, therefore, stresses the importance of working closely with an agent as one-size-fits-all policies can leave you with unnecessary coverage or not enough coverage. A custom policy created through a partnership with an experienced agent, however, will yield a much better fit, giving you the protection you need and the peace of mind you deserve.

About Jeff Van Matre Insurance Agency: With over 20 years of experience in the insurance industry, Jeff Van Matre Insurance Agency can help you choose the right coverage plan to protect your personal and business assets and put your mind at ease. To learn more about optimizing your insurance coverage, visit us online or call 972-492-8500 today.