5 Personal Insurance Policies You May Need


A personal insurance policy protects your home, car, and items of value, offering coverage should these become damaged or destroyed. There are a number of different policies to consider and our insurance agents can help you decide which policies fit your needs and your budget. Remember, a car and a home are major investments and absolute necessities to you and your family. You can protect them with an insurance policy.

Personal Insurance Policies

  1. Home: What happens if you have a break-in, or your home is damaged in a fire? What if someone is injured in your home and you’re expected to go to court or pay a settlement? Without home insurance these situations could be dire. However, a home policy can provide coverage for a number of scenarios.
  2. Auto: The state only requires liability, which only covers the damage to the other person’s car or the other person’s medical bills. For you, you need a comprehensive policy, one that covers your costs should you be involved in an accident. Aside from damage to the car or medical, some policies can include reimbursement for towing or rental costs.
  3. Umbrella: What if there is a situation that exceeds the liability coverage of your home and auto policy? Without additional coverage you will be expected to cover these costs yourself. However, you can purchase an umbrella policy, which provides more liability coverage once you exceed your current home or auto policy.
  4. Floater: Your home policy may include coverage for the items in your home, but what if you have specific items of high value? You can actually purchase a separate policy for jewelry, antiques, historical artifacts, or even a record or comic collection. This can provide coverage should your items become lost, stolen, or damaged.
  5. Flood: You may assume your home policy covers flood damage, but you woul be wrong. To cover the costs of flood damage you will need to talk to your Carrollton, TX insurance agent about flood insurance.


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